Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm glad I'm not pregnant

This are Brooke's feet.....Look how swollen they are. And how tiny they look. How to do they actually hold her up. Can I just say how thank I am that my feet didn't do this when I was pregnant. I think she is about done....But won't it be so exciting to have a new baby????? I am so excited.

I read the new John Grisham book this week and am now reading The Last Lecture. Which I can only read about 2 chapters at a time because I cry all thru it. But it is a very interesting book. I have also read this month the in between novel of Janet Evanowich. I tried not to buy it because they are not my favorite of hers but this one wasn't bad. Still waiting the Number 15 book. I get desperate for new books so I cave and buy new ones.

I went to a tax course on Friday. It was all day and it was just all about all the new tax laws that have come into effect since last year. It sure does get all complicated and I am glad that most of it I won't really see. I love doing income taxes. It is fast and you accomplish your job quickly. Good thing my boss hates doing them.

I want to go somewhere.

I got my new crib. Now to paint the room.....and buy bedding. Joel isn't thrilled but he thought the crib was cute.

I wish I could sing. I heard our ward choir today and thought they sounded wonderful. I just wish I could sing. I would join in a heart beat. Now if Bree and Brooke were in my ward I would drag them with me. Bree on one side and Brooke on the other. If I stand by really strong singers sometimes I can sing along. Sometimes I feel very sad I wasn't blessed with this talent.

I am glad that I can play racquetball. It is so fun. I love going. I love laughing with the ladies and getting a great workout.

That has been my week. I am glad I'm not pregnant.


Ashley Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad I'm not pregnant too. Those feet are horrid!! I love your random thoughts. You're hilarious. I can just imagine you dragging Bree and Brooke by the ears to choir.

Brooke said...

This picture is sick and wrong. It makes me want to barf. You are so funny, and please post soon so this is not at the top of your page!

Bree Johnson said...

We should sing that would be really fun :)- Those poor little feet- I feel so bad! ha ha joel liked the crib!