Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cowboy Temple

Here is the Temple of the Cowboys!!!!! I definitely got the impression of total worship when I walked into the Cowboy's store at the stadium. I have to admit it kind of turned me off a little. Our purses had to be searched before shopping. There was a girl line and a boy line. About a million people worked there and they let you know that you were priviledged to even be there. I think they had 18 cash registers waiting to take your money and yes there was people lining all thru the store just to buy. You get into the store and it has everything and you do get caught up in the Cowboy image. You want one of everything. They had cool stuff for a price. I needed to take a mortgage out on my house...
These are the hosts. The Lethbridge Cowboy Fan Club. Eric and Stacy Wilde. They bought season tickets. And guess where the seats are. Row 7 behind the players bench. The jumbo screen is unbelievable big. It was awesome. What a experience. It was a blast. I felt blessed to be able to go.
Our view of the players..... Pretty close eh?
Joel and Eric in front of the temple oh I mean stadium.
Enjoying the game.
Joel and I going in. I only bought the Cowboy shirt because I knew I would need to dress the part...... I bought it at Walmart. They had like 4 aisles of Cowboy stuff. And the store was at the end of the Stadium parking lot. I got the grandbabies Cowboy footballs and onesies. They are really cute.
Me and Stace at our seats...
My new career photography, just kidding. But I did take this picture and I thought it turned out awesome. I keep thinking he looks like Brad Pitt's kids. He is so freaking cute. I love him to pieces. I am so thankful that I get to live near my grandchildren. The twins are so much fun. But they are busy. They all have been sick. I Haven't been and I am thankful for that.

That is the excitement in the Johnson household. HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS???????

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catch up from forever

I made a flirty apron. Which is really cute. But an awful picture of me.

Barrett, my baby, turned 22 on Monday..... I can't believe it.

Harrison at Grandma 2's house. Isn't he cute and getting bigger?

Little Jett looking relaxed in the love sac.... Oh to be a baby...

Blessing day. Man he looks tiny there. He has gotten so big. He is teething and is so cute...

Remember back to a previous post. Here is my treasure. My machine....TZone Vibration. I lost 3 inches off the waist and lots off the legs. Keeps me all tuned up and ready to play.... I really kind of like it. I need to lose lots more.

Summer has come and I can't think of anything spectactular that has happened. I ripped up some grass because I didn't like the way it looked. It was a different color of green. That was a project that Joel finished because we couldn't work together. I hope it improves the look. I just want my grass to be all the same color. I am pretty boring.
I had a great time at the Stampede. It was really fun.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Canadians celebrate summer. They appreciate summer. They enjoy every minute of it. I love that about Canadians. It is one of the traits that I truly admire. If the sun is out Canadians go outside and enjoy. They love going outside and doing outside things and doing things outside. They do not say I will go outside tomorrow. They love summer. You go to the park and there is a lot of people there. There are people on bikes everywhere. There are dog walkers, tennis players, golfers, baseball players. Everywhere you go people are outside celebrating summer. What a happy season.

I am outside doing flower beds. And I love that. I do not mind the weeding and resetting the bricks around the flower beds. I love planting flowers. I love thinking about flowers. I love the plant stores. I hate the ants and I have declared war on them. I may be winning the war. I have tried for years to get rid of them. Chemicals and the natural stuff. Now I am on borax and sugar and it is working. I still have a few ants but not the thousands that I had before.

I got new lounging chairs for outside..... I do not love them. I like them lots but do not love them. I found the most unique most comfortable and very excellent quality patio chairs and I loved them. I really loved them. I really wanted them. I saved my paychecks for 3 months and I still don't know why I don't have them but I don't want to dwell on that because it makes me a little sad but I have some other ones that are okay. They look great and are comfortable and make the backyard look like a million dollars. They recline and have a foot rest. I got a side table to put my books on and the diet coke. Almost heaven. You need to come over and see them.

I have to say it is very handy to have a daughter that loves to read as much as I do.... She will go to the library or to the website and order books all the time and then she lets me read them. It is awesome. We like a lot of the same books so that is cool too.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The week workings

Barrett was home for the weekend with friends. I don't think he really came home to see us but to go to the hockey game. Joel had to sell his soul for tickets. The Flames won Yes Yes Yes and we watched it on TV. So it was a good game to see. They were in the hot tub and even went to West Edmonton Mall. I think they have a more exciting life than me......

Look at Harrison's new "DO". Spiked!!!!! This was at Olive Garden for Bree's Birthday. Isn't he just the cutest thing???? The twins are so big now that we have Jett. They seem to have doubled in size. Look what having a newborn will do.

Bree and her cake. The famous birthday cake picture. The tradition goes on. The twins have their first birthday this week.
I got a new prize at my house. I am blogging about it later. It is really cool. I had an awful experience at LA Weight Loss. My weight weeks are over and I don't want to spend any more money and I got a witch for a counselor that time. Does she really think she will motivate anyone to lose weight? I just wanted to quit. I think I hate that place. Jenny Craig was way nicer.
My Wii fit is finally set up. AND I am sore. The hula made the abs sore and now the boxing is making my torso sore. It is fun but frustrating because I am not very coordinated. AFter I practise for a while I will be good. It really makes me sweat.
Okay enough with the snow. I want green. I want to plant. I want to play in the dirt.
Our primary was asked to sing at stake conference. My dilemma.........Should I have them get someone else to play the piano because I will be way to nervous and will probably make a fool of myself or give it a try and make a fool of myself...
Till next time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jett Week One

Dressed and ready to go... As you can see not a lot of hair but it does look blonde. He is a very content baby....
Shoes and everything.....We tried the sling thing and he LIKED it.....But the car seat thing is a pain in the butt. We got to babysit today.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Announcing Jett Joshua Berry

Here is the new baby. Only 11 hours old. Jett Joshua Berry. March 4, 2009, 4:25 a.m. 6 pounds 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long.
Doesn't Brooke look great after 12 hours of labor?

Proud Grandma. I was there for all the action. No sleep last night. I even had to miss racquetball.

After his first bath which he didn't really like. Eyes open lots of the time. A very content baby.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm glad I'm not pregnant

This are Brooke's feet.....Look how swollen they are. And how tiny they look. How to do they actually hold her up. Can I just say how thank I am that my feet didn't do this when I was pregnant. I think she is about done....But won't it be so exciting to have a new baby????? I am so excited.

I read the new John Grisham book this week and am now reading The Last Lecture. Which I can only read about 2 chapters at a time because I cry all thru it. But it is a very interesting book. I have also read this month the in between novel of Janet Evanowich. I tried not to buy it because they are not my favorite of hers but this one wasn't bad. Still waiting the Number 15 book. I get desperate for new books so I cave and buy new ones.

I went to a tax course on Friday. It was all day and it was just all about all the new tax laws that have come into effect since last year. It sure does get all complicated and I am glad that most of it I won't really see. I love doing income taxes. It is fast and you accomplish your job quickly. Good thing my boss hates doing them.

I want to go somewhere.

I got my new crib. Now to paint the room.....and buy bedding. Joel isn't thrilled but he thought the crib was cute.

I wish I could sing. I heard our ward choir today and thought they sounded wonderful. I just wish I could sing. I would join in a heart beat. Now if Bree and Brooke were in my ward I would drag them with me. Bree on one side and Brooke on the other. If I stand by really strong singers sometimes I can sing along. Sometimes I feel very sad I wasn't blessed with this talent.

I am glad that I can play racquetball. It is so fun. I love going. I love laughing with the ladies and getting a great workout.

That has been my week. I am glad I'm not pregnant.