Sunday, June 21, 2009


Canadians celebrate summer. They appreciate summer. They enjoy every minute of it. I love that about Canadians. It is one of the traits that I truly admire. If the sun is out Canadians go outside and enjoy. They love going outside and doing outside things and doing things outside. They do not say I will go outside tomorrow. They love summer. You go to the park and there is a lot of people there. There are people on bikes everywhere. There are dog walkers, tennis players, golfers, baseball players. Everywhere you go people are outside celebrating summer. What a happy season.

I am outside doing flower beds. And I love that. I do not mind the weeding and resetting the bricks around the flower beds. I love planting flowers. I love thinking about flowers. I love the plant stores. I hate the ants and I have declared war on them. I may be winning the war. I have tried for years to get rid of them. Chemicals and the natural stuff. Now I am on borax and sugar and it is working. I still have a few ants but not the thousands that I had before.

I got new lounging chairs for outside..... I do not love them. I like them lots but do not love them. I found the most unique most comfortable and very excellent quality patio chairs and I loved them. I really loved them. I really wanted them. I saved my paychecks for 3 months and I still don't know why I don't have them but I don't want to dwell on that because it makes me a little sad but I have some other ones that are okay. They look great and are comfortable and make the backyard look like a million dollars. They recline and have a foot rest. I got a side table to put my books on and the diet coke. Almost heaven. You need to come over and see them.

I have to say it is very handy to have a daughter that loves to read as much as I do.... She will go to the library or to the website and order books all the time and then she lets me read them. It is awesome. We like a lot of the same books so that is cool too.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE SUMMER TOO! I loved the way you wrote this made me smile thinking about everyone outside-flowers make me happy too and the yard looks beautiful. I'm excited the ants are dying!

kwgirl said...

We are finally loving summer here... it's been raining but the sun is finally out! The garden is growing and life is good.
Share a picture of the yard please:)

Ashley Dawn said...

Summer is awesome - I didn't ever think about how much Canadians appreciate summer. It's so true. You'll have to show a pic!

katrina said...

Ugh now I am Canada homesick. unless we go swimming Chloe can't be out more them an hour at the fear of her over heating... blah!